Monday, November 28, 2011

Trunk or Treat

Is it trunker treat or trunk or treat?  Either way that is where we headed off to Saturday night before Halloween.  The whole family got in costume and ready to go.  I really considered having us all go in a theme, but there were two problems with that.  One, there aren't many group themes that fit our family (one girl five boys) except maybe star wars, but I really wasn't interested in being Leia and well, that about it.  And secondly, all my boys are very clear as to what they want to be, and I know I had a blast choosing my costumes each year as a kid so I didn't want to take that away from them.

Brodie didn't have a choice.... and if I really had my way, all the kids would be little stinkers... I just think it is SO CUTE!
How sweet are they hand in hand.  Bet you didn't know spider-man had a sidekick did you?  It will be reviled in the 5th movie.

Austin loved all the activities.  Huge shout out to the committee who put on the show this year.  It was one of the best I've seen at this ward.  Notice his spider on his check to match his costume?  He loved it.

Watch out for the black ninja.  Ty was very intense in his disguise.

Although Tanner is showing his true identity here, when he had on his mask, General Grievous would have you under control with his powers.... come to the dark side.  But for now, we will be nice so we can enjoy the hay ride.

And yes, Eric was a cow.  It was 10 years ago when he wore this for the first time and it was a hit back then too.

And yes, those are utters.... don't ask.  The boys got right into the trunk-or-treating and I think they did about 3 loops.  Austin was the loudest, Tanner was the fastest and Ty was the smartest grabbing the particular candies that he liked.  They made out really well and I approved of the stock.  It was a great preview to Halloween night and a blast hanging out with friends.

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Jaye said...

very cute - it was a good one this year (Yes, it is January and I am posting on Halloween stuff) :)