Saturday, November 26, 2011

Austin's Pumpkin Day

Austin has gone with his older brother's to the pumpkin farm with their preschool class for a few years now, but this year, it was his turn! He was just a little excited. I was actually afraid he was going to hurt his face he was smiling so big.
We always start out the trip with an exciting ride on the tractor around the farm. He was feeling cool.
And guess what came next.... wait for it..... goats. Big surprise that this kid loves goats too. It must be a Lawrence thing.

CORN!! I personally hate this particular corn maze. There is nothing exciting about it. It is literally straight rows one after another and it is about 8 rows to long. But he loved it.

Oh yeah, Brodie was along for the ride too. He loved the giant hay stack. I love how happy my kids are.

Just a few more years for Brodie's turn to do it with his own class. But for now, he is happy to tag along.
Such a fun morning with my two little ones.  Such fun to see their smiling faces.  Let the holiday seasons begin!

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