Saturday, November 26, 2011

Apple Hill Baby

Apple Hill is an annual tradition that is LOVED by all in our family.  I think it is for most people here in this area, but never the less it is special for us for sure.  Each year is different yet the same but always full of amazing memories.
Feeding the goats is a must.  Each boy always seems to find a goat they like the best and they make sure that goat gets plenty to eat.

Even Brodie got in on the action!

 Cows?!? Sure why not. 
 Pure happiness!

 Who's kids are those?
 Oh no, there's more!! Run!!!!!!!!!!!!
What is up with the sideways photo?  Anyway, he stayed on this plane for about 20 minutes.  Couldn't get the little pilot to get off :)
 Finally the boys joined him and the whole crew was off.
 Change of pace....
 Turn your neck again.... ohhh, how cute.  We always end the day at the fish pond.  A huge highlight.
 Brodie enjoyed the pond while sharing Eric's chocolate apple.  That kid can't get enough sweets. 
 All the boys feeding the fish. 
 What a good looking bunch... even from the side.
 Sky high.  Can you tell he is having a good time?
What a perfect day!  Until next year apple hill.... we will be thinking of you.  Thanks for another year full of fun.

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