Friday, May 11, 2012

ahhh keyboard, how I've missed you

Blog blog, we have seen better and more active days,
The joy of posting photos and all the boys silly ways.

The click click click of your keys as I remember all the fun,
And little thrill I get after I press publish when I'm done.

Even though the fault of being absent is totally my own,
I think I have found some time to visit without turning off my phone!

So here we go again, we will give it another try,
Don't give up on me yet, and please try to hide your sigh.

Blog I've missed you, I have so many things I can't wait to type out,
 And I am excited for all the things I have to blog about!!

The dork is back!!! HA  But in all serious I am excited to sit down and get on this.  Watch out!! The funny thing is I have blogged all kinds of things.... in my head.  In fact, just this morning I had a great blog all about washing dishes.  Seriously, it was hilarious, and I have had many days where this happens.  Perfect blog posts all witty and snarky... in my head.  They come together at the most random times, but never when I have two seconds or two hands for that matter that are free to actually write it down.  It's a problem.  

So instead I am moving somethings around and we will see what I can get out of my head down on paper, I mean computer.  No promises as always, but here's to trying.  And no, my grammar hasn't improved, (sorry Mom) and my days aren't any less crazy, but things are exciting and I love sharing the stories of my chaotic, humorous, full speed ahead life.

Happy Blogging!!!

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