Saturday, November 26, 2011


October is FULL of family traditions and places to go. So back in the car we go to head up to Bishop's Pumpkin farm, to see the goats, I mean get a pumpkin. But also to see the goats. Did you know my kids like goats? We should just rename October the month to go see the goats.

Here we have Tanner, with the goats.

Tyler, hanging out with a baby goat. Notice the little one in the back. The human, not the goat.

Brodie, not so much into the goats yet, but I give it a year until he is converted.

Oh there he is, the child, not the goat. Check out Austin brushing the goat. At least he is making himself useful.

Thumbs up is right. Okay, we can go home now. Oh wait, we are here for the pumpkins, I forgot.

First, a ride on the train.

Again, sooo, sooo happy.

Then onto the wagon to go out to the fields. Ty had this weird thing going on with his smile... but capture who they are right and don't try to change them. That is so flipping hard for me as a photographer, but I am letting go... trying to.

The bummer was all the pumpkins were yucky. I am guessing it is because of the random weather we had this year. I heard a lot of crops didn't work out because of it. So as long as we were all the way out in the field waiting for the tractor to come back and get us I had some fun with my camera.

The sun was setting and I love love sunsets and the light then.

The boys had fun running in the fields

Brodie was a little overwhelmed at the size of some of the plants.

Austin continued to point out his favorite... over and over (always changing)

And while we didn't get a pumpkin the trip was still just as fun. The goats, the train, the hay ride, the fields, the goats, oh wait I already said that. It was just great. We topped the night off with a bite at Costa-Vita, one of Eric's new favs. So fun, love our October traditions.
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