Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fallen Leaf Camping

Vacation really throws a wrench into my mojo. I was all about the blogging thing again, then we did a week trip to Tahoe for camping with my fam and boom, mojo gone. School starts soon and I am hoping that makes things start rocking and rolling around here again.
But while I have a quick second (even though I have already had to get up 6 times and I have only written how many sentences?) I wanted to post our picks from our camping trip. Fallen Leaf is probably one of our favorite spots ever to vacation let alone camp. My parents always secure THE BEST camp site and the place it self is spectacular. I can't recommend it enough. Besides being literally across the street from Lake Tahoe, it has it's own little (big) lake that we ride bikes to or hike around. So much fun.

Can't you just see the joy on their faces. My boys are outdoor boys 100%. What kid wouldn't love being able to get as dirty as they wanted without getting in trouble?
And even more fun than getting dirty is Austin's make-shift bath that was actually for Brodie, but Austin hopped right in too. It became a nightly to do for him.

We did lots of hiking. It is fun having the older two old enough to walk around and explore while the little two are happy being in the backpacks. And Eric just had to teach the kids how to chew on grass like he use to growing up in WY. They thought they were soooo cool.

Brodie tested out our bear alert system I had in our tent. It was just me and the boys for the first night cause Eric had to stay and work, so you bet I had something to let the entire campsite know if a bear dare try to mess with me or the boys in the middle of the night.
Isn't Brodie such a love. He is such an easy flow with it baby. I really lucked out.

My dad's friends came up that he has know since high school. Dave and Cindy quickly became by boys favorite people to hang out with. Plus they brought their dog grace who was the perfect amount of fun and energy for the boys.
Danica and I of course had to have a moment. My dad sent this photo to his sister and said this is the real reason we are sending her off to DC (not because she is getting her masters). She really looks uncomfortable in this photo. HA

And we ended the trip with a day at the Lake. Tahoe is always the perfect spot. Brodie found his place in life that day at the beach. He was all smiles and couldn't have been more content with the day. The older boys were in and out of the water, playing in the sand and running, always running around.

Another success camping trip 2011. Can't wait for the trip next year.

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