Thursday, August 25, 2011

Happiness is Where the Animals Are

It is no secret our boys love the zoo. They would like them in the rain or snow, in the heat or in the water. Oh my goodness, I obviously read to much Dr. Seuss to the boys today, can you tell? But seriously, animals = pure joy for my boys.

Back in May I had to run out to Wisconsin for a wedding and I took Brodie. Before we left we were visiting my sister as she graduated from CSUN. I left the older 3 with Eric and my sister in SoCal and warned Eric strongly that there would still be 3 kids that looked like a Lawrence when I returned. And no, he couldn't trade them :)

So what would 3 boys, their dad and their aunt do for fun while having fun in the sun? HIT THE ZOO of course. A zoo is a zoo is a zoo. Always fun.

Apparently they put Austin in charge....
There were several photos that I found like this when I came home. He took his job very seriously.

Lions and tigers and bears... such fun. They didn't even miss me. And to my relief I didn't see any news alerts online while I was half way across the country about a boy stuck in a tree with a monkey or swimming in the flamingo pond, so all was well.

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