Saturday, July 23, 2011

Rushmore Waterslides

It got warmer towards the end of our trip so we took a day to hit the water park.
T and t jumped right in. Tanner found a small pool of water on top of a slide that he claimed as his own and stayed there for a large part of the day.
Austin wasn't as thrilled to get all wet (I think he takes after his mom a little) but I was able to get him in once with Eric.
Otherwise Austin was found stomping over the bridge across the water over and over again.
Eric and Tyler braved the water slides. That is were Ty spent most of his day with his cousins, but Eric joined him for one run down the double tube slide.
Ty only asked him to go with him once though, and for good reason. See that yellow tube in the background? That little person on it is Ty. Now see the legs in the air just off to the side of it? That is Eric, under the water with his end of the inter-tube, just before catapulting Tyler off into the water.
Once Tyler surfaced they determined it is better to ride the ride with someone closer in size. So Ty jumped out and grabbed his cousin for the next ride. Good choice.

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Alexis said...

hahaha! love the picture of eric and ty coming down the waterslide, so great!