Sunday, December 28, 2008


So of course I am way behind on my bloggin' and there was a lot that happened with family and friends in between now and the last blog so I'll try to find some time to catch up on everything before the new year!

But until then this is what happened last night. My family and I went to the show Stomp and I LOVED IT!! Oh my gosh it was amazing. I found this video, but it doesn't do it justice at all.

My parents have exposed me to theater and performances of all types since I was a little girl and I love all of them. But I have never been to something like this. The talent each one of those performers possesses is incredible. My checks hurt after the show because I was smiling the entire time. If you haven't gone and seen the show... you have to next time it's close to you. I am tempted to take at least Ty is not Tanner too next time they are in town. I think the boys would just love it. They use everything from brooms and garbage cans to match boxes and newspapers to make these rhythms and "musical" numbers. It's incredible. The best part was listen to Eric die laughing during one of the parts. It was hysterical. He laughed so hard he cried.

But after the show I stayed up until 2 talking to Dee and then I was up somewhere around 3 to feed the baby and then Anya, my dog, got out of our yard at 5am and it took us almost 2hours to find her, so I'm a little tired and I'm going to jump into bed and hopefully get some sleep. That is if Eric will stop trying to make his own beats on whatever he can find around the house. He hasn't stopped since we got home last night. Tell him to shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :)

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