Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Tree Hunting

Last Saturday Eric and I took the boys out to find our Christmas Tree this year. It was so stinkin' cold outside, it made me wish there was snow on the ground. The kids had such a good time checking out all the different types of trees and they even found one that was their size. Then Grandma and Grandpa showed up and the fun really began. The boys got to play hide-n-seek in between all the trees and some other games that I didn't understand. I got put in charge of standing guard by a tree my mom maybe wanted while she went to look for a few more. Unfortunately I spent a good part of the trip with that tree because my mom forgot about me as she was half way across the lot choosing another tree. I eventually got tired of being an obedient daughter and found my family picking out their tree. Silly mom. We found the perfect little tree for our family too (pictures of the tree to come soon) and besides being half way frozen and being forgotten, we had a good time.


Tanja said...

Your coat was the best find ever....I love the picture of the whole fam....Now, how does the tree look all decorated and warm.

Karley said...

Your boys had much fun on Christmas tree hunting.

Dee said...

WOW!!! Forget about the tree, look at your coat!!! I'm stealing it when I get home!!! Wait didn't this lady just give birth to a 9lbs kid a few weeks ago!! You look dang hot!! Yup that's my sister:) You're amazing, cant wait to see ya!!