Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Austin, Luke and Austin

Saturday night I went to an event in Granite Bay where they had hundreds of Nativity sets from around the world displayed for people to see. I had a chance to photograph the event last year for them and I went this year to see how it was going. They ended up with a lot more participation this year and the rooms and displays were beautiful. I went with my mom and it was fun to see all the variety. It was a nice holiday experience and a reminder of what this holiday is really all about.

While I was there my friend Noel was also there with her husband and her new little baby who's name is also Austin. He was born just two weeks after my little Austin. Then our other friend Diana came with her husband and their new little boy Luke who was born on the 7th of Nov. It was fun to have our three boys together and there were many comments from other guests at the event who knew the three of us girls how fun it was to see the three girls who grew up together all back together with their babies. And it was fun. I've know Diana since I was 12 and Noel and I became good friend in High School. Of course my baby was the biggest, but you all know I just have BIG BABIES! He's still cute. It will be fun to watch the boys grow up together:)
The best picture came when we gave all three boys to Mary and Joseph to hold in the manger.


Michal said...

i will say right now that i'd be beyond bugged if one of my good friends gave their baby the same name. but i'm guessing that you're okay with it. you're so much nicer than i am!:)
i heard that the creche festival was very cool. i have got to go next year. did you take your other boys? i'm a little nervous to have my brood around all those fragile statues.

lex said...

one word. . . JEALOUS!!:)

Tanja said...

Looking good mama!I can't wait to see you tonight!

Tanja said...

Looking good mama!I can't wait to see you tonight!

The Tehvand Trio said...

That would have been so much fun. No fair.