Friday, October 3, 2008

Do you have your Boots?

Yea!!!!! It finally rained! I love the rain so much. I love the smell of that fresh rainy smell. I love taking pictures when it's overcast. I love getting in my sweats and sitting in front of the fire. I love drinking hot coco. Oh, I just love love love the rain.

So today when it started raining at about 3 this afternoon I was so excited! When the boys woke up we made hot chocolate and then we couldn't take it any more and we had to go outside and play.

It was the perfect temperature and a light sprinkle. Just right for playing in.
I forgot to mention that the boys really like to play in the rain too. The especially like getting ready to go into the rain with their coats and their boots and their hats.
While we played we also looked at our neighbors leaves that are changing colors.
We caught rain drops on our tongues.And some missed an hit our nose. Tanner thought that was hilarious.
Ty even tried to run so fast that the rain drops wouldn't touch him. He did pretty good, 'he's super fast'- as he kept reminding me as he zoomed around the yard.
Tanner wanted to see if hoods or hats work better in the rain to keep your head dry.
He came to the conclusion that he likes hats better. And Ty just loved his new rain boots. They are super-duper cool. Tanner likes his too, but please don't tell him they aren't new and they are Ty's from last year that he outgrew. Tanner thinks they are new and loves them a lot too.
Ty got to try his photography skills with my camera. He did great, but he only got one shot. Why push my good luck with him not dropping my good canon camera right? I think he took a pretty good shot, that camera is heavy!
But over all the boys did what they do best and were just totally cute being themselves.
Who could ask for two cuter kids?
What a fun day in the rain.


lex said...

you look so cute pregnant... you need to take some pics of the three of you guys all prego together!

Tanja said...

What fun! Girl, I think you might be a little to prego to be carrying that big boy on your hip! You all look adorable.

ttisageea said...

Way to celebrate life mom! You do look great! And by the way that hair cut is growing out just great!! Terry

Michal said...

i love the rain, too. my favorite things to do on a rainy day are bake bread or cookies and a pot of soup, then curl up with a book.