Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween is in Full Swing

No baby, but that just means that I get to enjoy all the ghoulish festivities with my kids, and they are having so much fun. Last Saturday night we had a trunk-or-treat at my church which was a blast. The best part of the night was when Tanner was trying to get out of the cake walk which he didn't mean to be in in the first place and some kids pushed him out of the way right when the music stopped. The push made Tanner stumble onto a number and when they called the number... it was Tanner's. So he won a cupcake. That's right, my kid is a winner without even trying. Hehe.
So on Monday night we carved our big pumpkin and the boys had a great time.
They only liked the gooey ickyness on the inside so-so and about half way into the project they decided to eat ice cream and watch dad finish the job.
But when all was said and done, tummies full and counter cleaned, we all were very proud of our spider pumpkin.
Tomorrow I think we are painting the rest. You can only scoop and carve so much you know. I'll let you know how that goes.

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Tanja said...

Careful with the pumpkin seeds...Last year we had them all carefully put onto newspaper. I asked Spencer to dump it into the trash. Instead he secretly decided to throw them all into the yard. Spring came and we had a pumpkin patch in our front yard.