Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lesson Learned

My husband is amazing. As I've mentioned in various blogs he does wonderful things for me and my boys as well as friends and others who need him. We all know he's just great - right? I know he is. One thing Eric does for me is he 99.9% of the time the parent who gets up before the sun with our two kids. I don't know why, but no matter what our boys seem to get up at 6 - give or take a 1/2 hour.... EVERY MORNING! And yes, when that happens, Eric takes the boys out and lets me rest a little more. Now, you might be thinking - wow, that's wonderful, but there is a little more to the story. While the boys are out of my room and with their dad at these early morning hours... Eric has a set routine with the boys. It's really simple actually. Eric puts the boys in front of the t.v. to watch a morning show, lays out a towel or blanket and puts a bowl of cereal or their food of choice out for them to munch on while they watch t.v. and Eric lays on the couch, semi-conscious, and they are good-to-go. (The semi-conscious is a point of debate. I think he's out for a morning snooze, only to be awoken when there is a disagreement over something between the boys and he claims to be fully conscious, just resting with his eyes closed. I haven't had a good answer to why his breathing is so deep and a few snores pop out here and there while he his wide awake, just with his eyes closed).

So bottom line is I'm grateful for the sleep I get, because I am not as lucky as Eric and when it is my turn to take the boys in the morning, the last thing I get to do is "rest", so thanks Eric. But a week or so ago, Eric did learn a little lesson about "resting" so deeply. He was on the couch, and the boys ate their breakfast on the floor in front of him, Eric was enjoying another quiet moment with his eyes shut when he all of a sudden heard Tanners voice very clearly say, "You eat it Dad." Immediately following his statement Eric felt something that apparently had been pre-chewed pressed firmly against his lips. Eric quickly came out of his "resting" stage and was now fully aware of the fact that Tanner had shared his previously tasted breakfast, which happened to be a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with his dad. Yummy.

Lesson to learned: Choose how deeply you want to rest while a 2.5 year-old is lurking near by, no matter how calm and relaxed the situation may appear. Happy 'resting' dear.


Tanja said...

Gross! At least it wasn't poop!

Dee said...

Totally made me laugh out loud!! Way to go Tanner, get 'em get 'em! A note to Eric... You totally fall asleep in the mornings dude. I've gone out to the kitchen or computer before and you are OUT my friend!!! But I don't blame you, waking up the early every morning would KILLLLLL me!!! Your an awsome, super, fantastic dad!!! Love you all so much and I miss you too!!!