Thursday, October 23, 2008

4 favorites for the 4 Lawrences'

Sorry, I'm not MIA, just being really good and getting done my to do's before I blog... and it's taken this long. Actually, I still have a lot of to do's but it's time for a brake.

Quick update on baby Austin. I'm dilated 2-3 cm, which means nothing to me. I was a 2 for a month with Ty but we'll see. I feel fine, just huge and ready, but at the same time, I could totally use more time to get all my stuff done, so whatever happens happens.

Because my time for blogging is lacking here are 4 things the 4 of us are each into right now:


  • Motorcycles: I had no idea how many motorcycles drove on the street with me each day, but after minutes of being in the car with Tanner one becomes very aware of how many there actually are. He will announce their existence with brilliant enthusiasm each time and usually follow it up with a sound effect which grows increasingly louder each time.Vrrrrrrrrooooooooomm.
  • Candy Corn: Normally it's anything with sugar, but candy corn is the recent obsession.
  • Animals from the pumpkin farms we've been to: We've been to two farms this month and now I get woken up with Tanner on my bed and the first conversation we have is about the animals; are we going to see them today, what kind are there, how many animals are there... it can go on for about 15 minutes depending on how coherent I am.
  • Playing Monsters with who ever is around: Hence the choice in Halloween costumes. Need I say more?

  • Halloween decorations: Not only does he want to make them and he can not wait to carve a jack-o-lantern, but driving around the neighborhood to see the blow-up decorations has become a nightly event that he looks forward to each day.
  • Wanting a sleepover with Grandma and Grandpa: I will write a post on his first sleep-over which he had a few weeks ago, but it definitely needs to become a more regular occurrence. That would make both Ty and his parents very happy. He had a great time.
  • Riding his bike: Anytime, anywhere.
  • The days of the week: He's become so interested in what day and month it is, and now he's really into the season too and what that means. Today he told me fall means the leaves all change colors, sometimes it's colder and we get lots of candy in the fall because it's Halloween.

  • Running his first marathon: 3 months of training is almost completed. He's looking and feeling great. I've never seen him accomplish something like this so I'm super proud of him. The race is on the 15th of Nov. so hopefully I can pack the kids into the car and at least see him cross the finish line.
  • Studying the words of David O. McKay: He just loves reading books about past prophets and learning more about their lives. This is something I'm envious of, and need to get better at.
  • Heroes and The Office (the tv shows): Duh.
  • Avoiding getting the gutters cleaned out before it rains: This is actually been putting it off for I wont say how long, but he knows. I know its not a fun job but seeing at 9 month pregnant lady on the roof would definitely cause some neighbors to talk, so it's up to Eric I guess.

  • Snickerdoodles: So the recipe I posted for these over a month ago is to die for. I make them a lot and a lot of them. But then, Monday night I made more cookies for family night, and Eric said I had to make something else, so I did basic chocolate chip, and they were super yummy too. So maybe it's just cookies I'm into.
  • Trying desperately to get everything 100% done before baby comes: Is this possible?
  • Making Christmas Presents: You all should be excited about this one and that's all I'm going to say about that.
  • Appreciating my family: I'm sure it's the nesting thing, but I've been totally loving my family lately. The boys, even with as much energy as they have, are super cute and come up with the funnest things. Their view on life is so simple and pure, how can you argue with that? Eric's been amazing and supportive and as always so good to me. And my mom is a super star, what would we do without our moms. My dad is so good to my boys and loves his two littlemucachos. Family is so awesome. I'm glad I have such a great one.


Tanja said...

At the rate your going...the next post will be a picture of a 3 week old baby...I'm happy to see you back to blogging for the moment. I did the Nike 1/2 marathon last weekend. I couldn't walk Sunday night...I'll be posting about it soon. Glad to hear your doing well and the fam is well. Miss you! Good luck w/ laboring and delivery...oh what fun it is!

The Tehvand Family said...

Super cute entry. I was wondering if you had had the baby yet or not. Since you already have two, I'm sure you're gonna pop any day now!

Dee said...

HEELLLLOOOO!!!! I'm part of the family too!! I don't see my name anywhere, what's up with that :(??? That's cool, no worries, I still love ya!!