Monday, May 19, 2008

Sometimes, Blogging's not so fun!

I'm so mad at my blog!

I can't really figure out the whole, 'add a picture to your blog' thing! I mean, I know how to, but it never turns out right and it's not in the right place etc etc.
So this weekend I had a bunch of pictures to add for different things and I decided to create little layouts on my computer with all the pictures and then upload them so it would be just how I want it. (no I'm not a control freak or anything)
But, after the pictures are perfect, I upload them them and.........
they turn into this weird distorted x-ray style picture. WHAT THE HECK!

And I can't post about Tanner's, the Sac Zoo and our fun day at the water park without pictures to prove it.


Maybe tomorrow all will be back to normal after 3 days. Who knows. Grrrrr.

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