Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Obsession

So a while ago a gave a list of things I was going to blog about, and one was the obsession that was taking over my life. I've waited to post this blog, almost embarrassed by the amount this has taken over my life, but it's time to admit my addiction, not that everyone doesn't know about it already.

But I want to tell you how it all started. Back in Jan. I was at a church activity with the young women and I noticed a girl reading a book. I didn't know what the book was, I just thought the cover was interesting and I didn't think any more of it. Then about 1 month later, I was at my mother's house for something and she was on her couch reading that same book with the interesting cover. I asked her what was that book? She briefly told me it was a silly love story about a girl and a vampire. Now, if you haven't read the books you are probably thinking what I thought, something like, "ummmm, okay, that's nice." Didn't really grab my attention needless to say. But about a month after that, I heard another mom talking to a gal at church about that same book. And they went on and on about how it was becoming a movie and this and that, and I was so intrigued I had to ask what was so great about that book? They looked at me like I was crazy. So I asked if I could borrow Allie's copy so I could be on in with the "in crowd".

Allie brought the book, plus the other two in the series, (I didn't know there was more than one,) to me about 2 weeks before tax season was over. I knew I needed to wait until after April 15th to start reading them. Just after the season ended Eric and I had a weekend business trip planned to CO, and I thought this would be a great time to read the first book. See, I love you read, but I also get really into the books, so I knew once I got started, I wouldn't be able to stop. The last full series I read was Work and the Glory. I was working at a dance and fitness studio that I owned at the time and read all nine books in about 2 months in between classes at work. Like I said, I get obsessive.

Anyway, it was a Thursday night and we were leaving the next day, so I decided it would be safe to start the first book. I didn't realize how late it had gotten until Eric firmly told me to put the book down and go to bed so I wouldn't be dead on my feet the next day for our trip. I put it down with only a small fight, just to pick it back up in the morning when I woke up. I packed the second book in my carry on, just in case... and good thing I did, because I needed to pull it out just before I boarded the plane because I had finished the first book. I was disappointed I couldn't read on the plane or during the 4 hour car ride, because I get horrible motion sickness, and when we got to our hotel at 2 in the morning, I only could allow myself to read one chapter. In between stops on Sat. I got most of the book finished, and by the time we went back to our hotel that night, I only had a few more hours of reading until I finished book two. I woke up Sunday morning, ready to go home, but a little bummed because I didn't pack the third book. What was I thinking? I had a 2 hour layover in Vegas. AHHHHH. When we checked in at the airport, we passed a book stand that had the third book on display. I only debated for about 1/2 a second before I rushed in to buy it. It was for the best. I finished the book that night at about 3 in the morning, and I was in love.

No I'm not crazy, and I'm not the only one who feels like this either.

First, a bit of background. Stephanie Meyer had a dream. No, not like "I have a dream..." but like, sleeping in her bed kind of dream. In her own words "I woke up (on that June 2nd) from a very vivid dream. In my dream, two people were having an intense conversation in a meadow in the woods. One of these people was just your average girl. The other person was fantastically beautiful, sparkly, and a vampire. They were discussing the difficulties inherent in the facts that A) they were falling in love with each other while B) the vampire was particularly attracted to the scent of her blood, and was having a difficult time restraining himself from killing her immediately".

She then make the decision to write it down, and thus were born the twilight books.

Okay, that's where the history lesson ends and my own thoughts begin. I love these books. I do. But a few disclaimers before I tell you why, because there are critics out there who, rightly, say that the books aren't very deep to which I say - they were written for teenagers AND Stephanie has said herself that she doesn't think of herself as a writer as much as a storyteller (I agree). This isn't a book that will make the top ten most well written books of all time. Not even the top 100. It's not a extraordinary piece of literature that makes you ponder the meaning of life (well, actually sometimes it did that for me), or make you a deeper person. Sometimes the characters seem a little flat, sometimes the main character is a little too needy, sometimes extremely annoying, sometimes they do things that are completely predictable. But, I refer you back to my previous statement - I love these books and it might be one of my personal top 10.

The story is wonderful and it sucked me right in, obviously. I read the books almost WISHING these characters actually existed and sometimes, I wanted to be a vampire too. I read the books and I escape. They are easy to read, easy on my brain and at times they get my pulse racing. I know I can read these books and not be offended by filth masquerading as literature or art. There are many books out there that people like Oprah, or whoever will tell you to read, and you do because you think they must be great books, or make you feel important, or intelligent, or other nonsense like that. I've done it, and I've been taken aback by the filth in them - Oh, but it's great literature! It's so well written. Doesn't it make you think? Um, yeah - about how my brain is now filled with junk that will be nigh to impossible to remove. All in the name of "great literature". Okay, so I'm down off the soap box and back to "Twilight" . These are easy to read, enjoyable books - great for a day at the beach, or cozied up at home. Not much thinking involved, but great stories. They drew me in. (Just check out Twilight Moms and you'll see I'm not alone.) Do I recommends them? Absolutely. Go read them. Will you be more intelligent for reading them? Well, you won't be LESS intelligent, and you won't be offended by rubbish (bad language, gratuitous violence, or lewd sex). I think you'll like 'em. If you want a low down on the premise behind the books, check out Stephanie Meyer's website. I loved them, and you might too!

Still not sure? Well, just wait for the movie coming out in December! So excited for it. I have a group going to the midnight showing, there's still plenty of room, let me know if you're in too!


Eric L. said...

Um, coming from the husband trust me that the words "addiction and obsession," aren't even good enough to describe how "in" to these books she is. Do you remember the kids with Harry Potter that get way too involved and tried to cast spells on people? I'm literally afraid the Nicolette is going to start acting like a vampire!

Nicolette said...


I'm tempted to delete your comment, but I'm nice. And don't worry dear, if I do become a vampire I will ask you if you'd like to join me too:)

Eric L. said...

We both know that I would follow you for an eternity...but this is getting a bit morbid. :) Just having fun with you.

Michal said...

you two are funny!
the buzz on this book is more than i can resist. i think i'm going to have to break down and read them. my "to read" list is ridiculously long, but i never like to see a movie until i've read the book first, so i'd better fit these in before december.
thanks for the review!

Tanja said...

Eric, we all know you love it when Nic bites you!