Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lawrence Humor

***** Warning: Graphic body functions are mentioned in the following post... you have been warned!!******

Last night, about an hour after we put the boys to bed Eric and I settled down to enjoy the season finale of one of our shows we like to watch together. We knew Tanner was out, but we didn't know if Ty was completely asleep. Our question was answered about 20 min. into the show. I had grabbed a bowl of chips and salsa and sat on the couch next to Eric when we heard Tyler ask a question from his room. Our conversation went something like this;

"Dad, dad what's the noise?"
We looked at each other not sure if he meant the tv, or us talking, or something else.
"It's nothing Ty, we'll turn the TV down, sorry buddy."
There was a brief pause.
"Dad, are you eating chips?"
Again, we looked at each other and burst into laughs. Apparently I was crunching the chips a little too loud and our son was able to pick up on what the noise was, exactly.

Then, during one of the commercial brakes, Eric went to use the restroom. My sister was over and we watched a WaMu commercial, (the one with the girl who's in all pink and in a rocket car and says whoo-hoo) and Danica made a comment about how I'd roll like that girl in all pink and in a rocket car. Then she quoted a line from the movie Rat Race that had to do with a rocket car, and we laughed pretty hard at the randomness of the whole conversation. Moments later Eric came out of the bathroom, pass Tyler's room and heard Ty say softly, "Goodnight Dad." Eric responded firmly, "Tyler, go to bed." In which Tyler replyed just as firmly, "I'm trying Dad!"

(This is where it gets graphic, be prepared)
Eric then bounded into the family room and exclaimed, "Did you guys here that?"
Dani and I had no idea what he was talking about and looked at him with confusion.
"I just had the longest toot! It was like 30 seconds. It started and I thought, wow this is really long, so I started counting. Then I heard Dee say something about a rocket car and you guys started laughing. Really, you didn't hear that? It was awesome!"

Again we couldn't help but laugh. Dani was laughing more out of embarrassment I think that her brother-in-law just graphically described his toot, and I couldn't help but laugh at the humor Eric saw in it and how coincidental and totally unrelated the two events where. I then quickly assumed Tyler's response to trying to sleep was probably greatly related to the long, loud noise he had heard coming from the bathroom moments before.

Needless to say we had a very humorous night at the Lawrence house.

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