Monday, May 12, 2008

Field Trip recaps

Last week we went to the Folsom Zoo and later this week we'll go to the Sac. Zoo with the other preschool group, so I thought I'd get these up quickly so I could post Folsom Zoo with Tyler's preschool class.

It was such a beautiful morning and gratefully both boys had pretty good attitudes, which made the experience much better. We saw everything from coyotes to horse, tigers and bears, and lots and lots of chickens, which Tanner wanted to pet sooooo badly.

After seeing all the animals we went just outside the zoo to enjoy a quick train ride. I couldn't tell which Ty liked more, the animals or the train. On the train he rode in an "animal car" while Tanner and I sat in another car. They both loved it.

Two weeks earlier Eric and I went to downtown Sac. with Tyler's class to ride a really train. He was a little worried about the size at first, but once inside with all his friends he had a blast. They opened their windows and waved to anyone we passed by. They got to see boats on the river and cars on the freeway and even another train that passed us during our trip. Again, too much fun.

And finally at the beginning of April the boys and I again went out with Tyler's class to the grocery store. We got the full tour starting with the produce and getting a quick talk about how health fruit and veggies are. Then we go taken to the back and Ty braved the huge walk in freezer. Tanner thought he'd try too, but as soon as we stepped inside he grabbed me and said "cold cold!" so I took him out and he was happy to watch from a distance. Then we saw all the shelves full of food waiting to be stocked and we moved to the box crusher. Both boys loved that part, and Tanner started laughing hysterically as all the other boys made huge crushing sounds as the boxes became super flat. Then we saw the meat dept. and the gal in charged had all the kids put on hats so they could go behind the counter and see some dead fish. I oppded not to join them, yuck, but Ty took Tanner along and I guess they had a good time. We finished at the bakery, yum, and we all got a fresh cookie. That was my favorite part:)

So we've had a great last month or so of field trips from school with our last one at the Zoo again this week. Tyler loves learning and seeing all these new fun things. I'm glad I get to go with him and enjoy watching him take it all in.


Tanja said...

For some reason, it is tripping me out that you have your 3rd kid on the way!!! We've been friends for quite awhile now!!! We've grown into field trip moms!!HOT field trip moms!

Eric L. said...

You are awesome...Just awesome.

The Jimmy Harry Family said...

I love all the pictures of the field trips. I wasn't able to go with Ethan to BelAir, Jimmy took him so of course no pictures. So thanks for posting the one with Ethan in the background, it put a smile on my face. Can you believe they are going to be in the same class next year?