Friday, July 22, 2011

Bear Country USA

Have you ever been to this place? If not, it is a total must see. Seriously awesome.
We packed up the car and the caravan of 6 cars headed off to the spot. The kids had their maps and began our 2 mile tour of Bear Country. The rules were just to not feed the animals, stay in the car at all time and always keep the windows rolled up. We agreed to the regulations and in we went. The animals started off slowly first were the moose. It was neat as we watched them because the food truck came up and the moose started to move it right passed our car and to the truck. It was cool.
Next came the mountain lions (they had a special cage, not so up close and friendly I guess).
Bison. And others, but the highlight was most definitely the bears. It was the most up close and personal I have ever been to a bear.

They literally walked by our car. I could have run over one if I wasn't careful. My sister in law said often they are just sleeping, but that great food truck followed us and those bears knew it. Watch out!
The boys LOVED LOVED LOVED it. Probably one of the best parts of the trip. There were so many bears. They were everywhere.
And beautiful. To have them right outside our window and really see their size and their power was inspiring. Really a neat experience.

As we went to leave the driving part of our tour we got stuck. For various cars in front of us and as far back as we could see after the bears had some crossing guards. It was hilarious. We had to time the exit perfectly as these two bears held their position well.
Eric's mom was with us this day and the kids loved grabbing her hand and taking her around with them.

My monkeys felt right at home seeing the animals. I probably could have left them there and they would have been fine with that.
The baby bears were just too cute. Full of energy, full of life, full of personality.
Austin made friends with the locals.
This is our crew from Tanner to the end of the photo... we took up half the fence.
Bear Country, you will easily go down as one of our favorite trips of all time. Seriously, well done, well done. Thanks for the amazing show.

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