Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The long life of Mac

Ahhhh, the relaxing joy of feeling the keys slide beneath my fingers as I start to create a story of the latest happening in the Lawrence house. The excitement that comes as the words form that transform the emotions and feeling of the experiences we had translate onto the web to share with others. Rarely is the spelling and grammar correct. Few others check in to read what I have written. There is no award or goal to these posts other than the smiles it brings as my boys and I look back to reminisce together our simple pleasures in life. It has been too long.

And what has caused this jaw dropping moment you might ask? Well it is really a little silly actually, but hey, whatever works right?

My iMac, my lovely computer that is my other right hand has died. Sad, yes I know, I did shed some tears but don't cry for Mackie, all will be okay. We took his remains to a wonderful Dr. at the Apple store and because he was an organ donor not all will be lost. Other iMacs will be able to live on because of our Mac's contributions and during the process a micaral did occour. The amazing Dr.'s saved his heart, or in computer world also known as the hard drive, and with a little bit of work, they transplanted his heart into a new computer and with a few prayers, it did start beating again. Yippee Yippee. He lives, not all is lost. While the outside is new, the inside still has all those important memories and years of experience that we will be able to see again. He will be in recovery for about a week, because the surgery was intense. 19 hours of data transfusion, but I have polished the desk in anticipation for his arrival and I am counting down the hours anxiously waiting for his return.

So in the mean time, while I am missing my other half, I have had a whole new outlook the last couple days. You can't imagine the amount of laundry you can get done in place of working on the computer. (Yes I said working. Of course there might be a few peeks at facebook or checking the latest clothing sales online mingled in but all in all, it is work, I swear).

But as I can I will steal Eric's laptop and do some of those other things I might occasionally do in between working so hard (like clothing sales or whatever) but seriously that gets old really fast. But tonight, a light went on. While 90% of my family photos are in recovery with old Mac, there are a few on this laptop that I can pull. Whoo-hoo. Blog world, save me from my boredom... I can only do so much laundry in one day!

So here we go. Watch out little laptop, these keys are about to experience something exciting!! Oh no, Eric is coming. Okay okay. Plan B save the real fun for tomorrow. I'm so excited, I hope I can get some sleep. You wont believe some of things that went down when the Lawrence family invaded South Dakota. Stay tuned! Eric, wait, no, not yet... ahhhhhh ashlodmsgjdfk;lh------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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