Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It was a nice thought

So much for the catching up by new years thing. I was really going to, I promise, but when I sat down Thursday before the new year and pulled up those old photos that I needed to catch up on my heart sunk as they were all gone. There was panic, sickness, sadness, calmness, resourcefulness, hard work and then success. My hidden and locked photos became found! But what was lost was the time I had set aside to catch up. But good news is (besides the fact that I hadn't lost a whole years worth of photos including the birth on B) is that I have also been diligently catching up on my archiving of photos (3 ways).

So until next big time block that I have free (haha, like there are ever any of those) these are pictures of my week thus far from my phone.

This is what Tanner wore to school on Monday. Dressed all by himself. What you can't see is his tie, his vest and his collared shirt, worn unbuttoned under his jacket. And of course he had to wear a hat, and today it was Ty's fedora. And these glasses are attached to his face lately and frankly, I think they are perfect for him. I'll have to grab a picture tomorrow with him in his scarf that I just got for him... too funny.

This is Brodie last week actually just after my aunt and grandma had gone home after a post Christmas visit. I had him sitting on my lap, and he turned his head right into my arm and promptly fell fast asleep, and that kid was OUT! He was all tuckered out.

And this is Austin today as we went to pick Tanner up from school. He didn't want me to take his picture and frankly who would with THAT on their face. What is that you ask? I have no idea. Seriously. When I put him in the car and buckled him up his face was clean. Then, after less than a 5 minute drive and no other factor that I could find in the car, I go to unbuckle him and that is on his face. When I first opened the door, it looked like a booger. But I quickly realized the object was about the size of this nose, so there was little possibility that it came from inside of his nose. Then I thought it kind of looked like bird poop, but I thought bird poop would be a little more runny, not as considerate in one place like a dollop of brownish frosting. Plus, it didn't happen outside, because like I said, when I buckled him in, inside of the car, there was nothing. Ummmmm, so what?? I looked all around the car, all around the rest of his body. I quickly ruled out his own poop, plus there was no smell. There was nothing on his hands, shirt, mouth. GROSS! or was it, I really didn't know. I wiped it off, smelled again, carefully examined it, and nothing. It was a mysterious brown gooey thing to which its origin remains unknown. I really hope he isn't coming down with something.

And that is a typical day in my life.

Oh, no pictures of Ty yet this week on my phone. Probably cause I haven't seen the kid sit still this whole week. He has been bouncing off the walls, the chairs, the ceiling... any picture would have just been a tall skinny blur of a kid as he made his 486 lap around the house. 487, 488, 489, 490, 491........

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