Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Great Grandma Makes Everything Better

A few weekends ago my Grandma made it up here to visit for the weekend. My boys love it when GG (great-grandma) comes to visit. Nothing is ever boring when she's around. Friday night we hung out at my mom's house for dinner. GG mentioned a possible bath after dinner and before I could say anything there were bubbles, hot water, and three naked boys laughing with delight.

Actually Austin wasn't too sure about the whole bubble thing. I think it was his first time. But Ty and Tanner couldn't believe their luck when they saw how many bubbles Grandma had in her bathtub. I'm not sure our baths here at home will ever be the same again.

After baths (I don't know why we didn't do this first) everyone enjoyed their ice cream, for dessert.

We played with the robot (more posts on this soon) and just had a great time being together, as always.

The next morning the whole family came to Tyler's soccer game. It wasn't very eventful, but Ty was so excited the they came to watch him play.

Tanner, who has been to all the games, really wanted to play football instead of watching the action on the field. Gratefully Grandpa obliged during a quarter that Ty sat out and so his day was made too.

Where as Austin was very happy sitting on GG's lap while he was fed snacks.

While the visits always seem too short and too long in between, we really love it when GG comes and can't wait to see her again.

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