Thursday, October 15, 2009

5 Little Monkies and then some

Yesterday our friends dropped off their little ones for a minute while they ran an errand. I love these kids. They are sooooo good. My boys adore Calli. They just treat her like a little doll. And their baby Luke, can't be any sweeter. Austin was in awe with the baby. He wouldn't leave Luke alone. At one point the boys were all snuggled up with Calli on the couch and I couldn't resist putting the babies up there for a photo.

And a few weeks ago we headed out as a family to a BBQ fest in Sacramento to celebrate my friend Lisa's birthday. It was a super windy night, as the photo will show, and the event itself wasn't as great as we had hoped, but I love being with my friends. I love that all of our kids get along, we always have a great time, and even the husbands get in on the action. Good times.

Lastly, before I pass out for the night, I had to post these pictures of the kids with my dad last weekend. They have such a great time with Grandpa. I'm not sure what adventure they are on here, or what the story is about, but they are loving it.

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Ashley said...

OH MY GOSH! My kids are honored to have made your blog. I didn't even recognize Luke. He looks so big sitting up there by your cute boys. Calli and Luke are lucky to have such good friends and I think thier parents are even luckier. Thanks for watching them for us!