Saturday, October 24, 2009

GB Girls

Today was a perfect day of work and play. What a wonderful Saturday! We started the great day at Ty's soccer game. He did a great job on the field and playing goalie. I have to admit, it is super stressful being on the sideline for me when Ty's playing in the goal. The whole team's fate rests upon his shoulders, and if the other team scores, he looks so defeated, so I try to keep my emotions in check for his sake, but man it is hard.... AND HE'S FIVE!!! Half the time the kids don't even know which way they are going on the field. Really, it is all just a bunch of fun (unless he's in the goal) haha. But they won! It was really fun today watching Tanner on the sidelines. He was yelling louder than I was for his brother, and a few of the other players that he has learned the names of. He is such a good little brother. Where Austin could have cared less about the game, because he was on the sideline getting attention from all the parents as he kicked his little soccer ball up and down the field. What a ham.

After the game we came home and met my parents front for a little deep cleaning on the front yard because heaven knows it needed it. I love yard work Saturdays, as long as there is help. The baby slept, but the older two got right into it and within a little over an hour things really looked a lot better. I think the boys favorite part was when they got to get lunch with Grandpa in the truck. I mean, you really work up an appetite after all that hard work right?

Later on Eric took the boys to see Toy Story in 3D, and they were so excited. I haven't had a chance to take them to the movies yet, it's kind of been dad's thing. But the stories Eric tells me when they get home let me know how much fun they had. I'm glad they did a boys day. While they were gone I had a photo shoot with Alexis and her girls. I wish I could take their picture all the time (and I'm not just saying this because I know you are reading this Alexis) they just really are that cute. And they did so good considering how tired they were.

Then I got to meet up with just the girls since it was Alexis's last night here. We talked forever and just caught up with one another. I totally had the giggles all night, it was really bad (sorry girls) but I think even without the giggles, I would have been laughing a ton. They are so funny. It is nice to have good friends to laugh with.

Now it is time to hit the sack. But looking back this was a truly eventful, productive, enjoyable Saturday. Sweet dreams.

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Alexis said...

LOVE THEM!!! you are AWESOME! Thanks so much!!