Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Same old story here. Flooded with work, flooded with kids, flooded with life, but today....
we also had flooded streets.

It was a cloudy morning but at 11:20am the clouds opened up and a months worth of rain came down on us. I was sitting in my living room, getting the kids ready to go pick up Ty from school when it started. The boys and I watched the rain pour down as we sat at the dining room window. Minutes later we had our very own waterfall as Tanner called it. There was so much rain it was running over the gutters and making a solid wall of water in front of our window. While I was enjoying the show, my main thought was, really, this, 10 minutes before I have to pick up Ty. Maybe it will stop? But it kept on coming. I figured if this rain wasn't going to stop, I was going to at least get a front parking spot at school, so I packed up 5 minutes early. As we stepped outside all bundled up and ready to dash to the car... it stopped. As quickly as it had came the rain was gone, but the fun was about to begin.

The neat thing about where I live is the subdivision is on higher ground than the streets just west of us. So guess where all that rain goes???? Down the street. The drive to school had a few detours, some because there were AWESOME puddles, and some because the puddles where too big and I wasn't even going to try. By the time I had picked up Ty, dropped off one of his friends, found a few more puddles to splash and gone home to get my camera, it had been about an hour. I really wish I had gotten the camera first because it was amazing. In fact, some kids actually got their canoe and floated down the street. Of course I had to let my boys out and play in the water too. Luckily it was decently warm while we were out there.

This is one of the puddles I decided not to go into, but because no one else wanted to drive in it too, the boys had a great time in it.

We finally went home but before I could get Tanner inside, he made one last mad dash to the gutter. Mind you, this is about and hour and a half from when the rain stopped and there is still a ton of water.

Austin was dying to join in on the fun, but some of that water was taller than he was, so we let him play out back while we got lunch together. Who needs a swimming pool and where else is it warm enough to have a naked baby in the water in October? Only in California. (mother side note, he was only out there for about 2 min.)

They wanted to stay out all day, but I was wet enough for the whole week and called it off. What a fun afternoon though. It is great to have days like this, once in a while.

But as they went to bed tonight they both asked, "Can we drive in the water again tomorrow Mom?" Too fun!!


Ashley said...

You are such a good mommy... letting them play in the fun. Way to make the most of a rainy day.

Angel said...

I don't know if you will remember or not, but I am Sherry (Mortensen)'s sister, Angel. I saw your blog on Alexis' blog. Your portraits are beautiful!

The Dolloff Family said...

That is crazy -- so much water in such a short period of time! What a fun mom to seize the day & let them play!

btw- I like your new profile picture. You look hot! Oh & the "windy" picture posted above isn't too bad either!