Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tanner's big week

Tanner couldn't be more excited this week. In this picture he is actually bugged by me not letting him get in the car before I got a quick pic because he wanted to go. He FINALLY gets to go to school all by himself! He couldn't believe it. He has done summer school before but it was with his brother, and now he is on his own! Today he attendant school with Ms. KaRyn which is where he would go with Ty. He walked right up the stairs and into class like he owned the place. He was very excited to bring his monster truck for show and tell today too. And yesterday he went to a second preschool down the street with Ms. Karen and Ms. Dee. He loved it. The best part of the whole morning was the fact that as he walked into the class room there was a whole pile of dinosaurs on the floor waiting for him. His teacher had mentioned the week before that she would have some for him, but he was in disbelief when we saw them all laying on the floor. He didn't even care when I told him I was leaving because he was too involved with his toys. And when I picked him up, he started to cry cause he didn't want to leave. I guess that is a good problem right?

All in all he is soooo happy to be in school like his big brother. I couldn't help but look at him and see how grown up he is. I think I expect Ty to grow up because he is the oldest and blazing the way, but Tanner is always just too little or needs to wait a few more years..... but now, he is finally starting out on his own. In his teachers own words after she met Tanner for the first time, 'He is going to be a fireball!' You got that right, Tanner the fireball, watch out world, here he comes!

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