Friday, September 4, 2009

Black Spots

Yesterday Tanner was my helper all day. At one point, he needed to help me take some notes. So I gave him a black, washable, marker and a note pad and away he went. He had so much fun taking notes he asked to bring his work in the car with him as we went and picked up Ty from school. As we drove I looked in my rear view mirror and saw something that made me do a double take. When I confirmed what I thought I had saw I immediately questioned Tanner about it.

"Tanner! Are you drawing on Austin?!?!"

Tanner jumps with surprise. "I'm really sorry about that Mom, I wont do it any more"

"Tanner Nathan, why are you drawing on your brother?"

Without hesitation or remorse he concluded, "Because I'm making him a cheetah Mom."

It became one of those mom moments when you are in disbelief that they are doing something they know not too, but also impressed with the imagination and creativity they posses. The conversation was ended with a brief reminder that we only draw on paper, not ourselves or others and a photo was taken for proof of the great mind of a three year old.


Alexis said...

why is that kid so stinking cute! I love those dimples!

Jaye said...

That kid kills me. :)

I was thinking dalmation ;)

ttisageea said...

How did you not burst into laughter! What a great answer!!