Monday, September 14, 2009

Last Days of Summer Fun

Lake Taco (Lake Tahoe) ended our summer trips this past weekend as it is now officially fall in my book. I had a photo shoot for a family reunion up there, so I packed up the fam. and made a day of it. We took off just after Ty's school got out and spent the afternoon on the Lake. I love it up there. It was a quick trip, but so refreshing. When we left good old Roseville it was nearing 100+ degrees for the day and as we climbed up the mountain we watched the temperature slowly drop. It was a nice overcast afternoon and the shoot went well. After I had finished I couldn't help but meet up with the boys for some quick pictures. Tahoe at sunset, what a perfect scene.

It was a lovely family Friday afternoon and a great send off to summer.

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