Saturday, May 9, 2009

Dee and Venita

This weekend my sister was home to walk to stage at Sierra College for her AA. I missed it because I over planned and the graduation went way faster than it should have. Good for the people there, bad for me who was trying to get there. Anyway, apparently she had fun but we went out with her and my family today to brunch to celebrate.

I am so proud of her and her schooling. She is now at CSUN majoring in Deaf Studies and kicking butt at it. She had done very well and I'm sure will continue to excel in her line of work. Congrats Dee.

Lunch was really good. We ate at Ventia Rhea's in Rocklin and it was yummy. The boys were so well behaved. At the end of lunch when we were taking all the pictures Ty got really excited about his corn dog, and all of a sudden it had to be in every picture. The best is the one with my Mom and Dee. Right before I took the picture Ty lunged in and put his corn dog right in the middle of the picture. It was too funny.

After lunch they gave the boys some balloons and out side the restaurant they had these really cool benches. If it hadn't been so late I would have gotten some better snaps of the boys, but I took a few really quick. I might have to head back up there to take some more pictures someday or make a backdrop like this of my own.

It was a really nice afternoon all in all. Thanks Dee for giving us a good reason to get together :)

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Dee said...

Thank you so much for making my graduation celebration special!!! I love you so much, couldn't have done this without you sista'. Hey, make sure you make it to the CSUN graduation, ok??? haha love you!!!