Friday, March 27, 2009

Caught in the Line of Fire

One of this morning's outside activities was playing with sidewalk chalk. A favorite choice for the boys.

The rule was they could only draw on the patio. Sometimes they tend to forget and move off onto other things. While it always washes off, I just prefer they stay on the ground.

All was going well, and happy, and quiet. It was the quiet that tipped me off. That's never good.

This is what I found.

Poor white dog. Does it count that he was laying on the patio at the time of incident? Technically they colored only on the patio, I didn't say they couldn't color the objects on the patio.

Good thing blue is a nice color on Shtiya.


Diana said...

That dog is sooo sweet. My mom says that taking little abuses like that from kids is how our animals 'pay the rent'.

Jaye said...

I love this comment re: 'how they pay rent' That is SO cute!
Your dogs are so good with the kids. My Creature loves them.