Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day at the Beach

Tyler loves loves loves the ocean. So Wednesday morning after he woke up, Eric told him he was going to the beach and Ty said, 'Oh Dad, thank you, thank you so much. I just love the beach, thank you, thank you, thank you.' Too cute. The plan was to pile my three kids into my friend's car with her two kids and one on the way and we would follow two other friends down to the Bay for the day. The ride down was uneventful, luckily, and even with a car full of 7 little kids, it was surprisingly pleasant. Our first stop was the Golden Gate Bridge.

I think the original plan was to walk all the way across, but I didn't understand the point of that. Once you've walked half way, you've walked enough. Plus, once you get to the other side, you have to walk all the way back. No thanks. It's not like the view changes very much from one side to the other anyway. And I am not a huge fan of heights. I don't know if I'm scared of them or if I just don't prefer them, but either way, that wasn't my favorite place to be. Plus Tanner could fit his head through the slats on the bridge, and there is no fence there to stop him. That was a constant worry of mine. Luckily we got half way across and all the kids said they wanted to eat, so we turned back.

Austin was such a good little guy the whole time too. I had him in a sling on the bridge so all adults could have all their hands free, but when we got off I took him out to pass him around. He never cried or fussed once. He's an angel.

Here are all the kids that went. They all get along so well. It's neat to have such a big group where everyone, moms and dads included, really enjoy each other's company. Tanner would not smile for me in any of these pictures to save my life... little stinker.

And here are the girls. It was so windy that day I'm glad we got one shot without our hair blowing everywhere.

Then we moved over to the ocean. My boys could hardly wait. Tanner grabbed this football someone had brought and held onto it the whole time. In fact at one point he was down at the water and a huge wave took him down. I ran down to get him but we all laughed because even as big as a fall as it was, he held on tight to that football.

Ty also ran down to the water first thing. He too got a little wet, and loved every minute of it. At least until he realized, 'Wow, it's really not that warm out here, and when I'm wet and it's windy it's even colder!' It took him a good 20 min. in new dry clothes to warm up.

After the beach we went to the old bath houses. I have never been there, and I stayed in the car with Austin because I needed to make some phone calls and it was extra windy and cold down there. I guess they are really cool ruins of bath houses from long ago. I'll have to go back sometime soon and check them out.

Overall it was a wonderful day and I am so glad we got to go down with our friends. We all got a little pink, and my face got really red, but it was too much fun and even with the sunburn I would do it all over again.


Jaye said...

Your boys looked so cute with their pink foreheads and sunkissed noses. It was funny how your sunburn matched theirs exactly.

Michal said...

what a fun day! i'm proud of you for taking time out of your crazy to-do list to do something so fun for your kids.