Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rainy Day Clean Up?

It's raining... again. Doesn't the weather understand that my boys NEED to be outside. No more yucky rain. Or rain, just not in my backyard please. Today is another wet one, and Tuesdays always seem to be the longest day of the week. Ty doesn't have school, I have a meeting at 7am each week, it's the day after Monday, so everything that got pushed off from yesterday is now super due today. So around 10:30, they began bouncing off the walls, and I thought, 'oh on, not again'. I actually had made a list on Sunday of fun things to do this week as it rain, and I was suppose to prep all the activities last night so I was ready for today. Well, that was one of the things that didn't happen. I became frantic know the day was about to be doomed with high energy boys that had nothing to do until I remembered a friend mentioned shaving cream was a great thing to use while cleaning windows. A light bulb flashed on. My sliding glass door was a
mess, my boys love to do things where they get messy, a+b=a happy day!

My little buddy stayed inside where it was safe with me. He loves hanging out in his bumbo on the table or the counter while I get things done.

After the mess was complete and it started turning into a shaving cream throwing game, which was not the original plan, we came inside and showered off. Lunch was ready to go and the boys were shaving cream free. Isn't grilled cheese and tomato soup perfect on rainy days? And notice the completed art work on the door behind them.

The best part was Tanner's face when I put the soup in a glass and told him he could dunk his sando, and then drink the soup! He thought that was the coolest thing ever. Now they are napping and I think this rainy day might turn out okay. Fingers crossed.

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Alexis said...

I love that my kids aren't the only naked one's on blogs!