Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Click, click, click

I have a little lesson to teach my newest addition. He is the happiest, cutest, most smiliest baby you know. (Yes I am biased, I know) Anyway, when I get the camera out, which happens a lot, the smile turns into a look of confusion and annoyance. And as soon as I put it down he'll smile and giggle, so I pull the camera back up again this happens.

What the heck baby. I am a photographer my dear, get use to it and smile. I took about 30+ shots today as he laid by me while I got some work done, and this is the best I got.

This kid has my mouth, so if you know how big that is you will know that this smile is only about as half as big as it could be. But did you see the dimples? Too cute.

On the other hand, Ty is my little protege. He loves taking my little consumer camera and taking pictures of anything he can until I take the camera away. Right now he is going threw an abstract period.

Maybe I'll have Ty try to get Austin to smile.

Side note, mainly for me. My two oldest have done a 180, well maybe a 140, but regardless, they are doing wonderfully with their attitudes and their choices in regards to their actions/reactions. I am so glad I have a husband like Eric who also cares so much about their behavior and we can work together as a team to reconstruct ourselves and have a direct positive effect on our children. Yea for partners in parenting and yea for kids who show huge potential to come out of this silly phase they have been in. My kids rock!

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Alexis said...

I love Austin's hair!