Saturday, July 19, 2008

We love the zoo

When GG (Great-Grandma) comes to visit we love doing fun things. And one of the most fun things for my kids at least is going to the zoo. So last Wednesday we headed off to the Folsom Zoo for a morning of fun. The boys love that Zoo. It's not too big, but it has all the fun animals they love, lions and tigers and bears, oh my! We went early in the morning so all we could see the animals before it got too hot.

I've never been to the zoo that early, but I'll never go later in the day again if I can help it. All the animals were up an moving... it was so fun. Last time Tanner went with my mom some of the animals had already settled in for the morning naps. Any time after that when he'd talk about the animals (which happened a lot) and he mentioned the fox or the kitties, he always included, 'yeah, they're sleeping'. This time the fox and the kitties weren't sleeping and he was so happy. He didn't totally understand why he couldn't pet everything he saw, but he got to pet the deer. Actually the deer came right up to the fence. Ty and Tanner feed her leaves and they were as happy as clams to sit and pet the deer. In fact Tanner didn't care if he saw other animals or not. We did tear him away when I saw a sign that said the deers might has ticks on them and shortly after another mom at the zoo said she knows a girl got poison oak from the deer's fur after touching them a couple of weeks before. Great, I thought. So far, so good, but they really should tell the deer to stay away from the fence if they are going to be yucky, right? :)

To finish the trip we had to take a ride on the train. The little trip around the figure eight was a great way to wrap up the day. On the way out we said goodbye to the 20 chickens who just walk around the zoo and went home to look at all the pictures we had taken that day. The boys spent more time looking at the pictures than they did at the zoo, but that what makes it fun right?

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