Monday, July 21, 2008

I've caught a bug

Watch out everyone... I don't know what I've got but it's taking over. Yesterday morning I couldn't stop cooking and I made super yummy blueberry buttermilk pancakes for breakfast. After that I wanted to make a bunch of desserts for that evening. I only got around to making cream puffs, but they were still delicious. Last week several miscellaneous projects took place for no reason at all other than to get them done. I've been a pro at getting my laundry done, not just done, but put neatly away. (If you know me well, you know that in it's self is amazing). Then this morning, I planned on taking it really easy due to major major lack of sleep and what do I do? I pile into cleaning my hall closet. In my house the hall closet is the -scary closet that you probably don't want to open unless you have to- kind of a place. I should of taken a picture of the before, but lets be honest here, like I would actually document the chaos. But I did take the after photo. I would like to give myself a pat on the back for being a great housewife today. Good job Nicky D!


Tanja said...

The nine month bug. It makes me neurotic too!!When you finish your house, come to mine!! Love ya!

Michal said...

yep, it's the nesting thing. enjoy it while it lasts! mine is the strongest in the second trimester because i'm too exhausted in the first and third to be very productive.