Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July wrap-up

This post got started back last week after the weekend of the 4th but I never posted it before I was out of town for the week, so here it is, a week late:)

Our Fourth of July this year was so perfect! The most amazing part was the weather. I've never had a fourth be so perfect in terms of weather. There was a nice breeze, it didn't get too hot. It was everything a pregnant lady could ask for.
We started out the morning at a neighborhood park with our Ward and had a yummy breakfast that we ate too much of, it was just so good. I still am one to believe though it would be so good even if it was just store bought donuts and bagels, as long as I didn't have to make it:) Then the kids from church all had their bikes decorated and did a parade for all the adults. Even Tanner went along while Eric helped him get up the big hill. Tyler went down the big hill and almost ruined the morning as we saw him zooming past with his feet up in the air and we watched him fly down the hill and barely stop soundly at the bottom after much wobbling back and forth on the bike. It would of been the biggest crash! Then we came home and did a little yard work, but mainly just enjoyed the day. After naps we went to our friends house to swim, BBQ and celebrate their daughter's 3rd All the kids played really well together. Erin made this amazing princess cake for Emma and we finished off the party with fireworks in the street in front of their house. Eric and I got a little worried about how Tanner would react to the fireworks because last year he cried. But this year, he laughed during the whole thing. At one point he did turn to us and say he was scared, but when we asked if we was scared, he smiled and said, "no, their nice!" as he extended his hand in a petting type motion. He normally uses that phrase when we talk about petting a kitty softly or something, and he applied it to the fireworks. It was cute. As we left our friends house the fireworks at the Placer Fairgrounds had just started so we pulled over in front of the fairgrounds on a little piece of grass and sat out and enjoyed the show there too. The kids loved it!
We got home tired and happy, what a nice way to spend the fourth!

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