Saturday, June 12, 2010

How many Goats do you see?

The city of Rocklin decided to try an unconventional way of taking care of the over growth in most of there city a little while back. In stead of hiring high school or college kids to come out and chop down all the brush, they hired goats. And I'm not talking about a couple of goats, I am talking about 2,000 goats. No joke! The goats were hired on by the city and let loose on various hillsides in Rocklin for a few days before being moved to the next. You never knew where they were going to be but I lucked out one day as my dad called to let me know exactly where the goats had been spotted. So of course we jumped in the car and went for a drive. It took me a while to find the little fellas, but once I figured out exactly where I was going, you couldn't miss them.

So actually there were mainly sheep, with a few goats mixed in. It was really fun to see them all on the hillside. All different colors and sizes. I was sad that we couldn't touch the goats and the fence was electric, so we kept our distance, but the boys didn't seem to mind too much observing from afar.
At one point all the animals got spooked by something and took off running. I don't think it was from Austin's growl that he let out at one of the sheep, but Ty and Tanner thought so, which began a bunch of growling from all three in hopes of another stampede. No luck.

I liked all the baby goats. Too cute. I really want one... but then they get big and aren't as cute. I am glad I can make grown up decisions. These pictures make me want one again though.
The afternoon grew late and we had to leave the goats, but it was such a fun adventure and if we hear of where the goats are next we will be sure to go say hi to our new friends.

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Eric L. said...

I really wish that I had been there for that. I also wish that I had a ton of goats so that we could charge the city $60,000 to put them out in the fields!