Saturday, May 15, 2010

Watch out.... he's on the loose

Tanner has been asking for some time to take off his training wheels but there is always something not allowing us to from our health to the weather we have had to put it off for sometime. Last weekend the sun was out, everyone felt good, so we headed out to the empty parking lot next to our house and let him go. Actually I was pretty worried and made him put on the knee guards and elbow pads and gave him warnings continuously as to what might happen when he gets on without his training wheels. I told him he might fall, I told him there might be blood, I tried to give him as realistic point of view as to the possible outcome and how we need to be brave and get on and try again blah blah blah.

Well that was a waist of breath because literally the first time he started off Eric realized he wasn't even holding him and just let go and off Tanner went. Just like that he went from four to two wheels and he never looked back. It took him about 3 more minutes to learn how to jump off when he was falling and I am happy to say there wasn't a single drop of blood or tears the whole afternoon. In fact it has been over a week now of him riding with two wheels and there still haven't been any spills. Oh sure, I know there will be many to come, but I'll take this skin-knee free time gladly.

Part two of this awesome bike filled Saturday happened on our way home from Ty's morning t-ball game. I love garage sailing, but rarely have a chance to go out. I was in need of one thing so I thought I would drive around the neighborhood to see if anyone was out selling stuff. As I drove up our street I noticed a bike on the curb with a sign on it. It looked about Ty's size and so I pulled over to see how much they wanted. To my surprise the sign said free. I looked at the bike thinking it must be broken or really used or something. But it was just the opposite. The bike looked like it had been used maybe twice.
It was the perfect size for Ty. I couldn't have been more excited, and Ty was bouncing out of his chair! So while Tanner learned his new skill Ty hopped on his new bike and flew around the parking lot. And Austin, well he was happy as could be scooting around on his little car making noises the whole way. It was a perfect Saturday afternoon.

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Jaye said...

you are so lucky to have that parking lot right next to your house. you don't have to worry about cars, it is so nice!
good job tanner!