Friday, June 25, 2010

What I should be doing....

As it is getting close to midnight I sit at the computer looking at all that I accomplished tonight in my night of work. While I am impressed I realize that I have just wasted a whole night and didn't get anything done on my list. I am tempted to stay up and get at least one thing done on the list so that I can say I did something I was suppose to, but the daunting fact that I have a 6am photoshoot in the morning is making a good case why I should just stop now and get some sleep.
I should have...
- folded laundry
- made either one of the two wedding slideshows that I want done by tomorrow for two different clients
- worked on an album for a third bride
- file the things in the huge stack of 'to be filed' papers sitting next to me on the desk
- got some final measurements for my couch that I am so close to finishing
- replied to some emails I haven't had time to get to
- cleaned the kitchen

oh my goodness, I am getting so tired just writing all the could have and should have blah blah blah. The list goes on and on. Bottom line, I didn't do any of it. But this is what I did do. Eric came up with a fun new blog. He always sees things a little differently than I do, so it should be fun to read his posts. Plus, with as big as slacker as I have been lately on blogging, maybe he can pick up some of my slack. But I love the name of his blog so much, and he hadn't done anything with the layout, so.....

I made this fun new header and changed his colors and all that fun stuff. What do you think?
To see it in its full glory check out his blog.
I think it looks great! Okay, now I am just being overindulgent so I'm off to bed.

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