Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What's A Girl To Do?

Since yesterday I was a true mother of boys, today it is girl time. The weather is horrible. I dread having to go outside to take the boys to school and pick them up. The rain, the wind, the cold, it is just yucky out there. So being stuck inside left me little choice but to do some online shopping. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I love online shopping cause I can put all the things I want in the cart and when I am done, I just close the window without checking out. It makes me feel like I have shopped without spending the money. I know I am a dork, but it works for me. Check out some of these finds this morning.

Actually I found this jacket about a month ago and LOVE IT but can justify the cost, so it has become a staple for my online shopping.

I really like these too, but Camel isn't the best color on me and I try to stay away from black wool. Maybe if it came in a red.And I had to grab some hot, sexy dresses!

And this super cute skirt. I love the ruffles.
Speaking of ruffles, I have my various ruffle purses that I love, but I am trying to branch out and find a different style. These might be a new line of thinking, but I don't know yet.
Yellow or Pink?
And then there are the skinny jeans. I have tried not to go there only because I am not super up on fashion and I don't know the rule on moms wearing them. And then there is problem if I did get them I would have to have some super hot shoes to pair with them, so for now... they are an online shop item. The shoes too.

And lastly, this top and these shoes would be great every day wear (not together) and make my shopping cart complete.

I love rainy days and my new selection of clothes and accessories. Think there is any way these might magically show up in my closet???? I wish...


Tanja said...

Get some skinny jeans....they were made for you and there's no rule against "mom's wearing them".

Michal said...

i'm with tanja. you of all people can wear skinnies.

i shop just like that, rarely actually checking out.