Monday, January 18, 2010

Puddles and Fun

Having boys and rainy days sometimes can present it's challenges, but on the other hand, sometimes have boys and rainy days can be a blast if I get past my girlishness. Today, for sanity purposes I put my hair and make-up aside (not that that is saying much) and put on my gear and headed outside to brave the storm. The boys LOVE LOVE LOVE the rain. We probably would have stayed out all morning if poor little Austin's rain boots weren't 2 sizes to big and he hadn't fallen right into the puddle 2 minutes after we had been outside. He was soaked, but I think he could have cared less as we walked up and down the street splashing around.

The older two are really into finding worms (SO GROSS) and there were a ton of worms out this morning to be found.
After Austin 4th fall into the water I took him up to the house where he got to play in the water coming out of the drain. He always wants to touch it after it rains and I never let him, but today, I changed my mind. By the way, his jacket is a light grey, pre-fall.
And of course there was lots and lots of splashing.

But then the wind kicked up, and it was cold!!! I had to bribe them with a warm bath and hot cocoa to come inside, but eventually they came. I had everyone take off their boots before going inside and I am so glad I did. I had no idea how much water those little boots could hold, on the inside! The ground was completely dry before Tanner took off his first boot...

So even though I came in wet and cold, I can't deny the joy on my kids faces as they enjoyed nature at its finest.

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