Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 4, 5, 6,....25!

I feel like I fell off the face of the earth, and I guess I kind of did. Last month started out great. And then it hit. The almost daily trip to the doctors office. Okay, maybe not daily, but 5 times in two weeks is enough for me. It started with Austin's shots, which takes him out for 2-3 days. Then Tanner had a double ear infection. Then Ty had an ear infection and finally Austin had a double ear infection and his left ear drum burst. Poor kids. The doctor offered me covered parking and a personal valet though due to my frequent visits. So needless to say I had many sleepless nights and not much time to blog during the day as I tried to catch up on work and kids and house stuff. Plus we had all our daily Christmas things to do. Even with all the sickness and craziness we did something every day as a family to keep us in the holiday spirit, and it really made a difference this season. We had a great time and to top it off my Grandma came into town and just topped off the season with all her love and joy. It really was a lot of fun. But in stead of boring everyone with a daily post of things that happened last month, I made this little show summing up some of our fun moments of last month.

I can't figure out how to download it, so follow this link to see the Lawrence Christmas 2009.

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Ashley said...

Geez, you survived Christmas and all those earaches! Sounds to em like you've earned a trip to Maui or somewhere! Cute pics and activities and stuff as always.