Thursday, July 16, 2009

Way Too much FUN!!

Oh my goodness, summer is almost half way over and I haven't even started blogging about all the fun stuff we have been up to. Yep, I'm the lame mom who can never get to her computer for an update.... I'm too busy having fun with the crew!!

So this weekend the kids and I packed up the car with my mom and cruised down the LA to visit my Grandma. It was my sister's earlier that week, my Dad's that day and Ty's on Monday. Whew.

But we had so much fun together. Eric and my Dad met us down there and Saturday night we went to the Magic Castle. I guess it's become a tradition in my family to go there. My dad went on his 40th, Eric and I went on my 21st and now Dee went on her 21st. Then the next day Eric and I took the kids to the ocean with my Mom, and a day at the beach is always great. The weather was cool, the sand was hot and the waves were big. Austin did eat A LOT of sand, but don't worry, I had physical proof the next day that it all came out just fine. It took three times before we had the all clear, but it came :)

But the best part of the trip was Ty's! MY LITTLE ONE IS FIVE!!!!! I really wanted to do something special for him for his birthday. He has a hard time waiting for it because we have a big family clump of birthdays in May and then he is the last one is July and he hasn't yet figured out why everyone else gets one first. I really wanted to do Disneyland for his this year though not just for him, but for the family too. Eric has never been, and I haven't been since I was 13, so I know the whole family would have had a magical time. But Eric couldn't get work off, plus I knew it was going to be super hot in July and I didn't want to take the kids without Eric so I put that thought out of my mind. Then, at the beginning of this summer I had a friend mention to me that her mom always took the kids to Disneyland the summer before they started Kindergarten. I thought that was an awesome tradition and mentioned it to my mom. Everything just kind of fell into place with us already being down there for Dee's birthday, plus Ty could get in free cause it was his birthday, so......
Ty went to Disneyland and had an awesome time. It was just Ty and my mom, (yes I did cry a little cause I missed his first time, but I'm sure he'll enjoy if we go back with hi) and they stayed until the park closed at MIDNIGHT!! My mom was checking to make sure he was doing okay all day, and he was so enthused by the whole thing she let him stay. What a neat thing, thanks Mom.
Tanner and I did get to spend the day at the LA Zoo with my sister and Austin though which is Tanner's favorite place to be. He loved the animals, in fact he wanted to stay in front of each animal each time so long I literally had to pull him away to the next one each time. By the end he would say to the animals 'okay alligator, I'll be right back", and off he'd go to the next one. I am glad he got to have a fun day too.
So then we came home and I felt like I was hit by a Mac truck with reality. So much happens when you are gone for 5 days. Yikes. Oh, and Austin update: He took two steps, not together though on Friday morning but nothing else has happened yet and yesterday he finally finally started to have a little tooth pop up on the bottom. He's getting sooooo bug and is still as happy as ever.


Dee said...

This was the best trip EVER!!! I had so much fun with you guys:) Thank you for making my b-day unforgettable!!! I love the boys SO FREAKIN' MUCH and I'm glad I got to spend time with them:) Tanner buddy, we look pretty scary there next to the T-Rex (if only I had my eyes open:) Why didn't I know about these two steps Austin took??? This is HUGE!!! I'm one proud Auntie:) Try and get a video and send it to me the next time he does it... If you can:) Thanks Nic you're the BEST!!! Love you all!!!!

Ashley said...

Wow. You guys are having too much fun! Love that pic of Austin... he's sooo cute!