Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fish Food

Friday was a spontaneous day. I love those kinds of days. I knew if was going to be another hot one, so I wanted to get out and do something in the morning before it got too hot. Well morning turned into late morning and slowly turned into afternoon. But as we started walking out the door to take the kids bike down to a bike trail my friend called and asked if we wanted to meet her down at the fish hatchery. SURE!

We had never been there and we will so totally be going back. It was warm because there was no shade, but the kids had a blast. Rows and rows of fish, that you could feed and watch jump all over themselves, sometimes out of the water. Too fun. After the feeding we walked down by the river right outside the hatchery and saw all sorts of wildlife and a few people floating down the river on inter tubes. i don't know what the kids liked more, the birds and fish, or waving to the people and getting them to wave back. Either way, we had a great time.

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Alexis said...

is that noel with a new haircut? i wish we lived closer!!!