Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summer Foto Fun

My silly point and shoot camera is being dumb and wont upload almost a whole months worth of photos. I have all these fun things to post, and no pictures to back it up. I do not like that little camera. I know I have a few really nice cameras but I just don't like hauling those around with me in case they do break or hit a kid in the face or whatever.

So quick kid update too.
Ty has another loose tooth, in fact two loose teeth! If you remember about a year ago Ty lost one of his top front tooth due to two major bonks, with his brother's head. We were told the other top tooth was going to fall out soon too, but it's still holding on strong. But now, still toothless on top, his bottom front two are wiggling. Oh, I hate that feeling of wiggling a loose tooth.... ewwww. But it is, so any day know it's going to fall out.
Tanner is so funny. His speech has never been a concern of ours, but it's always been something we have had a hard time understanding. He talks soooo fast and puts so many words into each sentence sometimes it's hard to keep up. Well this summer the clarity has greatly improved and this kid is so funny. More than funny actually, he is witty. Sometimes the things he comes up with are so cleaver even if he's in trouble for something I can't help but laugh. I know that's the worse thing to do when you are trying to make a serious point, but I can't help it.
And Austin, my little angel is still wonderful. His head is 100% put back together, he is eating like a horse and he is on the very tip of walking. He stands on his own no problem for minutes on end. He will rock back and forth on his feet just testing the waters I guess and gaining more balance. Any day now we are waiting for that first step. It doesn't look like he'll be like Tanner and walk at 7 mo. but maybe he'll be right there with Ty at 8 mo. We'll see.

But the other night, after a very hot 105+ degree day the kids wanted to cool off and I grabbed one of the nice cameras to capture the fun.

Oh, and excuse the underwear...there was no time to find a swimsuit that night, the fun was about to start!!

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Jaye said...

Very cute
"The Rock" is gettig so big!
Corbin is VERY curious about the loose tooth thing - My neice just lost her two front teeth (she lost one in front of him) & he keeps asking me when he will lose a tooth. We loose our teeth late in my family - like 1st grade! He is going to get impatient if Tyler starts loosing his teeth too!