Friday, October 15, 2010

State Fair 2010

The State Fair is a favorite, favorite event for our family. Tanner talks about it literally all year long, asking if we can go. We normally go with friends but this year my parents were able to join us. We luck out BIG time on the weather. We had a crazy summer in the way of weather and the week we went was one of those weird weeks. We debated on which day to go and when the first date came around it was 100 degrees out there. But a week later when we went it was mid 80s. I can't ever remember going to the state fair when it was in the mid 80s. As we left that night I was actually cold and wish I had a sweater and I was 9 months pregnant. That right there made my whole day at the fair amazing.

But there were many many other things that caught the eye of the rest of the family at the fair which made the trip a huge success. There were two main things that I thought really scored big this year. The fair had a whole area that they transformed into a jungle. Not my favorite place but the boys went wild for all the animals in there. There was everything from huge HUGE spiders to alligators and snakes... ohh I am getting the hebie geezie just thinking about it. How do you spell hebie geezies? Heeby geezy... whatever. Anyway. I am getting all grossed out thinking about it.
I am glad my mom and dad took over during this part to show the boys around and I was just on camera duty.
I really have to get my lack of love for these types of creatures under control because you should have seen how elated the boys faces were after the pet the snake. So sweet and an exciting moment. They are experiencing so much and enjoying every minute of it. It's not like the snake is going to eat them. I guess it's not that bad. I could take them to things like this more often with spiders and crawly things and snakes and AHHHHH, I can feel it slithering and crawling ALL OVER ME! Get it off get it off GET IT OFF!!!

Wishful thinking I guess.
Keeping my distance while they experience a baby croc. Whoo-hoo.
This is my kind of animal. A big golden bear. Wonderful. I can deal with this. But seriously, the kids really got a kick out of it too.
6 years of going to the fair as a family and this is the first year we actually let the boys ride something. I don't even know if they knew that there were rides at the fair, so when they figured it out and we said they could ride, we became the best parents in the whole world.
See the joy just beaming off of his face.
My mom and Ty went round and round. I was running in between this ride and Tanner's ride and I could hear Ty screaming and laughing 15 feet away from the ride. He really had fun.
Tanner got to ride some kind of dear/antelope looking thing and my dad jumped on too. Carousels are perfect rides for Tanner.
Big surprise, seeing animals is always a highlight for my kids.
Even Austin got into the action and pet the chicken.
And the rooster.
And the dinosaur. What? Wait... someone grab my kid, there is a dinosaur about to eat him.
Actually there was just a super cool dino exhibit where they had all sorts of life size dinosaurs that moved and roared and made the kids feel like they had gone back in time to dinosaur land.
This was probably the main reason we felt we needed to hit the fair this year. My kids are in love with dinosaurs, especially Tanner who can tell you the names of about 30+ dinosaurs, what they eat and in what time period they live. It is really impressive.
They felt right at home with the huge beasts.
Captain Austin ready for take-off.
And then, of course, there are the "doats" (that is goat in Tanner language).
He would have probably slept there if we let him.
Baby goat are so cute.
I am really trying to talk Eric into letting us get one. I think I am close.
It was another success, memorable and fun fun fun time at the fair. I can't wait for next years trip.

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Jaye said...

G O A T S ! ! :)

I love how much your kids (mostly tanner) love goats!