Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Doing it Dee's Way

The middle of our summer was blessed by a visit from Dee. The boys always get a kick when she is here and she is always helpful with things that need to get done. I personally always look forward to the yummy food we eat while she is here, because you can't have a guest come into town and not take advantage of the local restaurants that she so desperately misses while she is down south. Oh, I am getting hungry just thinking about it. Ummmmm...

Anyway, the kids had a great time washing the cars with her while she was here as one of the many projects we got done.
I think Austin had the most fun.

He was actually really good at it too.

Tanner grabbed some clippers and helped Grandpa trim back the blackberry bushes.

Ty did a great job overseeing and putting in his extra touch behind Austin as they worked along.
The cars and the yard looked tip-top when all was done. Thanks for the help guys!

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