Friday, August 27, 2010

Playing catch-up

Oh my goodness that summer went by fast. And during it all, there was just no time to blog apparently. I want to get started blogging about Brodie, but so much happened before him, I want to catch up first before I get too far behind. So ignore the fact that I'll be taking about June and July for a while, and I'll be fast so I can get to the many stories that have happened in the last two weeks.
Looking back at photos, I left off around the end of May/beginning of June when they boys graduated. Tanner from his first year of preschool and Ty from kindergarten. Tanner did a fun graduation ceremony at Mrs. KaRyn's and wore the hat and gown. Eric and I figured Tanner would be his typical outgoing self and sing all the songs and say all the right things.... but we should know by now to always expect the unexpected with Tanner. He didn't sing a thing. When he got up to say his nursery rhyme that he had been saying night and day non-stop in the weeks leading up to then, he said nothing. Not even a try. In fact, the rest of the class had to say it because he wasn't going to talk. And it wasn't even as if he was scared. He just wasn't talking. Oh Tanner, always doing things his own way. It just is who he is. The one thing he did choose to do during the graduation was make faces. Not at anyone in particular, just cause. Here is a taste of what people in the audience saw.

Tanner, Tanner. What we have to look forward to with you.

Ty's graduation was a little less, theatrical, but still fun.
His teacher decided not to do any kind of a program, which was a bummer, but we did go in a little early the last day and do photos and Mrs. Beatty handed them a certificate of completion. Ty was just sooo happy to be moving up to the first grade. He loves school, and so going all day was really and exciting thought to him.
Congrats Ty on passing kindergarten with flying colors. Top group in the class. That is my T!!

After all the celebration Eric and I took the boys to lunch as a treat for them. We rarely do lunch out as a family, so they thought it was a great little treat.
So to sum up their school year, they both had a ton of fun, learned a bunch and just had a great time. Great job T and t on being wonderful students, brothers and kids! You are awesome and I am excited to watch you learn and grow over the years. Love you boys.

And so begins our summer fun.


Alexis said...

how wierd is it that you have a first grader now? and i think tanner is my new favorite, those faces made me giggle, love it!

Ashley said...

We love your boys! So cute. All of them!