Monday, August 30, 2010

Cool Down

At the beginning of summer I was dead set on taking it easy. Baby Boog as we called him at the time was giving me a little trouble and we wanted to keep him in as long as we could. But sitting around and watching shows all day really isn't an option either with three very active little boys at home. So I tried to plan adventures that would limit my physical activity and still allow the boys to have some fun.
We actually did have some warm days in the beginning (gratefully for me the rest of the summer was pretty mild-cool) so we wanted to take advantage of the sun. I packed up lunches, towels and sunscreen and headed up to the park in Rocklin that the boys love!
It has water that shoots out of the ground, and is really a perfect way for the boys to cool off. I was so proud of myself too heading out with the boys, the umbrella, the chairs, the lunches... all by myself. Now looking back I am longing for the ease of that day, but I distinctly remember feeling very accomplished as I successfully set up camp at the park that day being 8 months pregnant.As predicted, the boys had a blast, as did I.

Ty got in a bunch of water fights with the other boys there that day.
Austin was cracking me up as he kept trying to get a drink out of the fire hydrant. The water would turn on and off as it cycled around the park, and luck for A it never turned on at the hydrant while his face was inches from the spout. He would have been knocked over if it turned on while he was drinking.
Tanner not being too huge on water did pay for a minute, until he got caught up in a water fight and didn't like that the boys he was spraying actually sprayed him back. He was beside himself with disappointment that the other kids in the park would respect the fact that regardless of who he sprayed, Tanner was not to be touched. Oh the lessons he will have to learn.
Luckily Grandma surprised us all and showed up halfway threw our adventure. She took Tanner and Austin over to the slides and made up for the lack of respect Tanner was being shown at the water. Austin had a great time going down the huge slide, and I bet Grandma did too.
It was a successful family outing and a great summer memory.

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